Pastors & Staff

Eric Daniel

Lead Pastor

"What I love most about pastoral ministry is working with people in their discovery of who Jesus is and what He has done for them. Teaching people about what God has said in the Bible is the most exciting experience because of the freedom it brings to the human heart."

Tyler Lowe

Senior Associate Pastor & Young Adults 

"All of us find ourselves at the crossroad of who are and who we want to be.  It’s a joy helping people navigate the challenges of life through the Love of Jesus, the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I want to help people identify with Christ,  discover their purpose, and thrive in community- that is the dream." 

Pat McConville

Discipleship Pastor  &  Kingdom Builders (Missions)

“Our “Why” has never changed. We strive to lead  people into a thriving & growing relationship with Jesus. I am also passionate about supporting missionaries here and around the world. My passion is that people KNOW Jesus!  It never gets old.”

Stacy Marks

Children &  Women's Pastor

"Helping people  build their faith in Jesus has been the best thing to give my life to! I love God’s word, and preaching and teaching the Bible to every generation. "

Darlene Washburn

Hospitality Ministry &  Pastoral Care

"Caring for people, teaching the Word and leading people closer to Jesus is my passion"

Calyb Danna

Youth Pastor & Assistant SUM Cohort Director

"What I love most about ministry is seeing new and old believers experience the life changing power of Jesus. Through that I get to be apart of building community and helping people become the man/woman God has called them to be."

Caden Danna

Youth Pastor

"I am passionate about middle schoolers and high schoolers knowing Jesus and pursuing. It's amazing to watch students grow in their relationship with Jesus.  "

Ariana Garrigos

Kid's Intern

"It is such an amazing opportunity to be around the kids because there is so much to learn from the kiddos, it’s truly extraordinary! When I read about being child like, I can understand how important it is to carry this characteristics out on a day to day bases. I love to see how much a child love the Lord. And that it is a privilege to be a witness of that."

Sally Jones

Office Manager

"I enjoy taking care of administrative tasks and creating an office environment which allows our pastoral team to care for the members of our church the way the way God has called them to."