Kingdom Builders

Missionaries we support and local ministry projects

North America

Brian & Linda Staub-Alaska
Marc& Natile Afshar-University of Pacific
Will & Jennifer Klier- UC Davis

South America

David & Amy Cartwright- Costa Rica
Henry & Yvonne Smith- Ecuador


Mark & Dalene Good- France
Jordan & Vanessa Abina- France
Andy & Melanie Cline- France
Jose & Ashley Talavera- Spain
Marissa Deraya- Spain
Earl & Tammie Shorrock- Poland


Tanya Aderman- Cambodia
Eric & Kimberly Dueck-Asia  
Jeanie Thompson- Thailand
Shannell Keck-Hsueh- Taiwan
Danny & Annie Clark- Asia
Maile Cockett- India
Dave & Gayle Dorsett- Asia
Joyce Baergen
Mark & Sarah Brown- Philippines
Nate & Maria Arzouni- Asia
Daniel Matsunaga-Philippines


Paul & Kristen Mathias- Cairo
Scott & Karen Hanson- Tanzania
Dan & Earleen Ligon- Niger
Brent & Rosemarie Hanson- Kenya
Jerad & Amanda Macauley- Equatorial Guinea
Alan & Dorothy Graham- Zimbabwe

Ministries & Projects

Jabulani Children’s Home- Zimbabwe
Expressions of Hope- Napa
Sanctuary Church- Vacaville
Global Passion Ministries- Napa
Project Rescue- India
New Day for Children - Various
Missionary Respite- Napa
Love Where You Live- Napa
Speed The Light
Located in Napa California, on the Hillside Campus, Global Passion's vision  is to make missionaries by equipping people to serve communities wherever God has called them, both locally and around the world.  
You can partner with Global Passion on missions right in Napa.