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Every year Hillside begins by calling for a corporate fast. Fasting is a scriptural practice (‎Matthew 6:16-18 · ‎Isaiah 58:3-7 · ‎1 Corinthians 7:5 · ‎Acts 13:2) that draws a person closer to God by forgoing food and replacing the time spent eating with time in prayer and focus on God.

The fast will take place January 14th-16th. These 3 days set a tone for the rest of the year and bring us into a closer relationship with God. Hillside hosts prayer meetings each morning at 6:30am, each mid-day at 12pm, and each evening at 6:30pm is an Encounter Service with worship and prayer. (Nursery-5th Grade Children’s Ministry provided)

The theme this year is “DIG”. If you’ve ever opened the Bible than you know it can be hard, the same is true of digging in the earth. But if we stick with it, and press in, the reward is great. Our belief for 2019 is that we will grow deeper in Jesus as we DIG into His word.

Join us this January for the corporate fast at Hillside.

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The 3rd Core Value of Hillside is that “We Pursue Authentic Relationships” and we believe relationships that express care, accountability, and a sense of belonging are critical for us to grow together in faith. 

If you have not actively been a part of a Group here at HCC we would love to help you get plugged in. Follow the link below for more information.

Find A Group

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