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Encounter Life Tour / Worship Training

The struggle for lasting hope is fierce – and the time is now for our hearts to be nourished and full. Join us for a night of worship where we learn to feast with body, soul, and spirit. Worship recording artist Jared Anderson, together with gospel partner Every Home for Christ, invites you to come and gather at the table with believers in your area and Encounter God’s life-giving truth. Featuring Jon Egan and Nicole Serrano.

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Active members in worshipping communities have a vital part to play in contributing to the people of God. Worship recording artist and church songwriter Jared Anderson invites you to a discussion on the prophetic role of creativity in the church, and how it can be cultivated in every role of corporate worship.

Held before the evening’s Encounter Life night of worship, this worship leader training is intended for every member of a worship team community. From leader to musician to technical support, the training will bring the full team from the Encounter Life tour – including musicians and tech professionals – to train in each specialty area. The training event aims to inspire and encourage your entire team to grow in heart and purpose.

Find more information and reserve tickets at EncounterLifeTour.com