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RESTORE HOPE | A World in need Jesus!

One of our ministry mottos around Hillside is Restoring hope to the next generation, which is why we partner with ministries like Expressions of Hope, Alpha Pregnancy Center, The Leaven and New Day for Children. Each of these ministries are doing an excellent job lifting the next generation out of the ashes.

As we approached the presidential election season, God’s Spirit began to stir in me that America is in desperate need of hope; true hope which is Jesus. I felt a prompting that we needed to Restore Hope in the name of Jesus at every level of society. Our households, our government, our schools, and our businesses need hope for a better tomorrow. There is no better tomorrow without surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said he would build his church. He said his church would be His Body – his hands and feet. During these three days of prayer and fasting, we are asking God to fulfill what Jesus spoke about His Church – about us! His return is coming very soon, let’s spread the good news – there is hope in the Name of Jesus.

Restoring Hope Together, Eric Daniel : Lead Pastor


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This Christmas Hillside and Expressions of Hope is filling backpacks to be a blessing to the foster children in the Napa Valley. It’s easy to help, come to a Sunday service and stop by the Hope Wall. Grab a tag and fill a bag! Just be sure to check the box with the supplies inside, if you can’t fill it, someone else will. Thanks for being a part of the Kingdom Builder team.


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